What is Ninkyo-dou?


Ninkyo-dou literally means a path of people in the world of Ninkyo. It is also translated as Kyokyaku-dou, which many people in this generation do not really know what it means. Kyokyaku means, "Helping the weak, discourage the strong" according to Daijirin,the Japanese encyclopedia. The actual meaning of this discipline is to fight fearlessly even against the strong for the weak, without thinking of the benefits for own.It is a path of a spiritual discipline for justice.


From the description listed in the hundred years' history of Ninkyo, the sprit of Ninkyo began since the birth of Japan.It is described in Kojiki, which is told to be the most ancient book in this country. The story of Susanoo,the younger brother of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu is suggested to be the beginning of Ninkyo spirit. The story is about Susanoo when he saved a town girl's life from a wicked eight-headed dragon. What he did for this girl is the true sprit of Ninkyo discipline, fighting against the bad for someone else without hesitation.


A similar story is also described in Shiki, which is a Chinese historical book written by Shibasen.


Moreover, a Japanese politician Masanori Nakano has stated in his

"Ninkyo and Meaness" conference that, "The mind of those who oppress the weak to flatter the strong is the meanest gesture of

human beings. Helping the weak against the strong is the beautiful

mindset of human.

When a nation is rising, the sprit of Ninkyo is lifted as well. On the other hand, when a nation's luck is deceiving,the people's minds are weakened; therefore people do mean things to each other.


From various literatures, we can conclude that Ninkyo believes in

mercy and humanistic thoughts to proceed in the path of righteous